Tree Care

Nature’s Green offers a complete tree and shrub care program. We have up to four applications available. Prices vary on size of tree or shrub being treated and how many trees and / or shrubs we are treating. Call to have your free estimate today and prevent the damages done by diseases and bugs.

Our first application is used on deciduous plants only (not evergreens).
We use a horticultural oil that controls through a Non-Chemical, Non-Toxic Avenue. It is crucial control for a wide variety of insect pets. It kills the insects that may be over-wintering on your plants. This treatment is the best defense against all types of scale insects as well.

Our second application is an insecticide / fungicide and a spring feeding.
It controls a wide range of early emerging insects, for example: Pinesaw Fly, Spider Mite, etc. This is a standard rate of fertilizer for all plants and prevents potentially damaging springs & early summer disease such as apple scab.

Our third application is an insecticide / mitecide / fungicide.
This controls mid and late season insect and disease problems. The application controls all varieties of Spider Mites that can affect Pines, Burning Bush and especially Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

Our fourth application is a deep root feed with a heavy rate of fertilizer which helps promote outstanding root growth.
This application can rejuvenate mature trees and shrubs stressed due to soil compaction.


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